Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Chills

The sun is shining, but there aren't many birds chirping in these sub zero temperatures.  And to think that it was 64 degrees earlier this week....  I warmed up for my lesson this morning with a long sleeved shirt, a coat, a vest, a quarter sheet, and my winter gloves on.  Brrrrrr.
The lesson itself went well though.  Cadence had fully recuperated in her day off, and was a little strong today.  It was nothing unmanageable, but its too bad I didn't get to show off how wonderful she's been this past week.  We did some basic leg-yielding stuff in the trot (yay!) and worked on moving her shoulders.  Additionally, maintaining the bend and working that right rein played key roles in the morning's activities.  my coach suggested that after she's had a day off, we lunge before riding to get some of herenergy out so that we can focus more on the work and not spend the first 20 minutes of the ride dealing with her 'silliness'.
We also had a chance to speak about the clinic.  Apparently I have to display all of Cadence and my loveliness to a group of auditors, and the local pony club!  Oh the joy.  In addition, my coach said that we may be chosen as demonstrators for a talk on contact that Belinda is giving the pony clubbers.  We also talked about food for the lunch (much more exciting, IMO) and turnout/attire.  I can't wait!  Now, if only I could fast forward to the end of mid-terms, all would be well with the world.

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