Sunday, November 13, 2011

Murdoch Mysteries: An Extra's Tale (Part 1)

Though this may not does not pertain specifically to horses, as this is more like a personal journal than a blog (though I love the comments!) I figured I may as well chronicle it anyway.
On Monday we were told that the call time and other specific instructions would be emailed to us the next morning.  At 9:30 pm on Tuesday (keep in mind we`re supposed to be filming on Wednesday) we received word that the call time would be approx. 12:30pm the next day, but they wouldn`t know till they were done filming.  It wasn`t till about 11:30 that they said (in essence) that they`d notify us of a specific time the next morning.
So Wednesday morning, they emailed to say that the call time had been pushed back 4.5hours and was now 5:00.  So I went to the barn, rode Cadence, and then decided that I might as well go into school.  (I most definitely had my priorities straight:  horse first, then school) On the way into Toronto, we got caught in some major traffic, and ended up being .5h late (5:30) but it wasn`t much of an issue, as there was a back log of people in hair and makeup anyways.
Okay, so currently we`re sitting at about 5:30pm on Wednesday the 9th of October.  We (Laura and I) arrive, check in, and while Laura gets her makeup done, the costumes people set me up with a dress!  I had this beautiful purplish-grey gown with a massive lilac-ish coloured train.  A petticoat, a butt-pillow, and a pair of turn of the century heals rounded off the ensemble.  Once dressed, I headed off to wait for hair and makeup to complete the look.
Our location:  the beautiful Graydon Hall

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