Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sad News: For Sale

This post should have been up last Monday, or at least last week, but I seem to have succumbed to another wave of sickness and with mid-terms next week... well, you get the point.

I think the phrase "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times" is an accurate descriptor of my Monday.  I couldn't exactly say it was a bad day.... too many good things happened; too many wonderfully fantastic things happened to call it a bad day.  At the same time I couldn't say it was a good day, effectively for the same reasons.  Here's how my Monday went:
At noon, I discovered that my regular Monday dressage lesson was cancelled and rescheduled for Wednesday.  This was disappointing, as Mondaywas a beautiful day... a lesson would have been fun.  Then however, an idea struck.  Since the weather was nice (in spite of the recent onslaught of bad weather we've been experiencing) I attempted to cajole my dad into trailering Cadence and I down to the Dundas Valley so we could go for a ride.  Surprisingly (especially considering the short notice) he agreed.
To me, the Valley is a special place.  I love trail riding, and the miles and miles of well kept paths winding themselves through the scenic Dundas Valley provide the perfect backdrop to any trail rider's wildest fantasies.  Actually, that's a lie... I think the Rockies or the Himalayas or something equally awe-enducing would probably be (just a wee bit) better.  However, in terms of local availability the Valley's the creme de la creme.  I digress. So the disappointment of the canceled lesson turned into glee as the opportunity to take my pony on a REAL trail ride for the first time appeared.  One strike for a good day, one strike for a bad day.  The score is tied at 1 - 1.
The ride itself was fantabulously amazing.  So much so, that I feel the need to make up words to describe it.  I would have taken pictures (in fact, I went to great lengths to ensure my camera was available and readyfor action) however, my BRAND NEW camera decided to up and break on me.  There goes another strike against the good day tally.  Current score: 2 - 1 for Bad Day.
Additionally, upon speaking with the BO, I discovered that Judy (Launa's owner) has decided to sell my 17 y/o baby girl.  Very disappointing, especially since she's been doing so well recently!  However, pairing really isn't a match made in heaven.  Launa requires a slightly firmer ride than Judy is capable of giving her, and while she may be an angel for the BO and I, Judy and Launa just don't have the experience to allow them to 'click'.  Aside: I've spoken with Judy since her decision to sell Launa, and she's truly done with the mare.  Launa's now free to a good home, and Judy (while dedicated to ensuring Launa gets a good home) has sort of given up.  No more rides, no more visits, etc.  I'll continue riding Launa until she's sold, and I've been asked to increase the number of times I ride her (to make up for both Judy and the BO not working her)... so we'll see what I have time for.  So that's one BIG strike against a good day.  Score: 3-1, with Bad Day maintaining their lead.
Murdoch Mysteries' Constable George Crabtree, Dr. Julia Ogden, Detective William Murdoch, and Inspector Thomas Brackenreid

When I got home, I got some news that could have erased ALL the bad stuff.  To explain, here's a little history lesson:  there's a Canadian tv show called Murdoch Mysteries.  It's a crime show set in Toronto in the 1890's.  This absolutely fantastic piece of television is currently filming it's 5th and final season, so one of my friends and I applied to be extras on the show.   After some emailing back and forth, they said that they'd let us know when they had space (they have to have x number of unionized extras on the show, so they were waiting for a day when there were lots of extras needed) and lo and behold, Monday night they emailed.  My friend replied as soon as she'd gotten the email. However, she's an infrequent email checker and by the time she'd replied to them they'd already had to fill the positions (they were for the next day).  So I got all hyped up, and finally let myself believe we might make it on the program, only to have those hopes crushed again.  It's not my friend's fault, it's not the programs fault, it's not anybody's fault.  Still disappointing though.  So there's another point for good day, and another point for bad day.  Two for the price of one, eh?
I don't know how much of this is relevant, if any.  It's just one of those things that's easier to get off your chest.  Writing it out and seeing it 'on paper' helps me work through it and figure out how I actually feel.  In this case, I'm still unsure.  Too many good things, too many bad things.  I'll just try to concentrate on the good, and hope for  the best.

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