Monday, November 14, 2011

Murdoch Mysteries: An Extra's Tale (Part 2)

Continuing on from where we left off:

I had quite the hairdo (or so I was told... naturally I can't see the back of my head), which was completed by a nice little feather-and-ribbon thingy which was pinned in to complete the look.  I was also accessorized with a pearl choker, and a not all that period clutch.  Everything aside from the bag was beautiful, though I could have done without the shoes.  You know how most heels have some semblance of padding in them?  These did not.  11 hours in them, and your feet REALLY start to kill.  Oh, and I kept bumping into things with my sleeves.  More on that later though.

So after having my hair done, they quickly covered up the dark shadows beneath my eyes, and putting some pink on my lips I was done.  I was actually surprised they didn't do more with my makeup, but I wasn't about to complain.  I'd have enough of a headache attempting to take out my hair (apparently they did a lot of teasing in the 1890's and early 1900's....) I didn't need to add tons of makeup removal on top of that.  Next we were off to holding to wait out the minutes until we headed off to the lunch hall to eat.

I found it extremely entertaining that they call a meal eaten at 9:00pm lunch.  The food was actually delicious though, much to my surprise.  I guess I got lucky in the dress department, since two of the other ladies I was sitting with had to watch their food intake, since their dresses were so tight!  I had no such qualms :)

To be transported to 'lunch' we were all loaded into vans (with the women covered in plastic wrap [i kid you not] to protect from the rain) and driven five minutes down the road to some church hall.  Unfortunately, whilst loading into the van, the trim on my skirt caught and tore out a little.  Nothing major; it was fixed by a simple safety pin.  However, it marked a bit of a trend to come.

Once arrived home, I headed over to hair & makeup to get a stray lock fixed, and mentioned the hem issue to costumes on the way.  I discovered that this dress was apparently cursed, and was always falling apart. (I should note that in the mean time, even more of the hem had managed to come loose, and more safety-pinning was required). Itherefore claim no responsibility for any of the events that followed; after all, the dress was cursed... not me.

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