Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jumping Video

A few clips from Monday's jump school.  I discovered that when compiling the clips, you can add effects to them!  I may have gone a little insane with it....
Also, you'll notice that Cadence makes a little stumble (see Oops...) at one point in time.  I'm not quite sure WHY it happened, but I was paranoid she'd hurt herself since she didn't have back boots on.  She was fine (I made someone trot her out for me, then I free lunged her when I was done my ride to be double sure) but I hate little things like that.
School's been a little insane lately, so since I missed my Monday lesson, my coach agreed to ride her for me today.  I think my coach has been on her 3 or 4 times before, so I'm really excited to see how she thinks Cadence is doing.  It's always a different experience riding a horse, versus seeing them go.


  1. You have a lovely jump position, you don't interfere with Candence at all. Very nice.

  2. I think her trot is really improving. It is long, freer and more elastic. Good work. And I LOVE your jumping.

  3. Really beautiful work! I miss doing gymnastics like that.