Thursday, November 24, 2011

Games Day Pictures & Happy Thanksgiving

First off, happy Thanksgiving!  It doesn't feel like Thanksgiving yet, as I'm still in Canada and don't leave to go visit my family 'till tomorrow night.  For all you enjoying the holiday, have an extra slice of pie for me

I finally uploaded the pictures from the costume games day. Enjoy!

 Tacking up
 Cadence being mad that I pulled her up from eating.  Who cares about pictures anyway?

Phillis, a 17 y/o TB I believe 
Look at that costume!
She has such a regal presence! 
A and her pony, Quazar. 
Poor Quazar terrified of her costume the first time they put it on her!
Ahain, Miss P. 
What a cutie. 
She was so good! 
This guy was 37!  I kid you not.  He won all the speed games too.... 
Phantom of the Opera
I love this picture.  I cropped it, and then got distracted by effects ;)

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  1. Love the pictures, especially the first and last ones. Cadence is a lovely mover.

    THAT is what a 37 year old horse should look like! Kudos to them for doing such a great job.