Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Monday Jumping Lessons

Monday we had a quick gymnastic school to make suree the mare didn't go too long without a jump school.  I was actually quite impressed with how well lil miss mare was with her jumping!  Warmed up over an x, then a vertical, then jumped through a bounce, then did some lower (2'3-2'6) grid work.  The final exercise was the same basic bounce to one stride that we did in the video, but set with 2'6 - 2'9 verticals.  We did it once, got it right, and moved on.  To end, we cantered an oxer both directions, and ended.  She was good cantering the oxer to the right, with only one long spot.  To the left (her grabby direction) we got two long spots and one very (on the verge of being dangerously) long spot, but for the most part I was able to correct her when she went to grab me and keep her rythm the same to the base of the jumps.  It was an improvement!
She had yesterday off, and today we'll go out for a hack... if the weather cooperates.  This morning as I was driving in to school (at about 7am) and there was snow on the ground!  It's snowed before, but never stuck.  Now that the sun's up it's all gone, but it really made it feel like winter.  Not that this is relevant...

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