Saturday, November 12, 2011

Blog Post Fail

Argh!  I missed yesterday's post!  To my credit I have a fairly good reason: I had no time, and this past week has been insane.  None the less, if I REALYL REALLY wanted to, I could have done it.  Alas, I'll post the post tomorrow.

A brief summary of my insane week:
Monday: skipped classes to prepare for Tuesday's mid-terms
Tuesday: Mid-terms, and Noel Gallagher concert, get home at 12:30
Wednesday: Murdoch Mysteries, get home at 5am on Thursday
Thursday: Survive off of 3 hours of sleep
Friday: Music department's annual silent auction & dinner dance(which finishes at 11, so you don't get out of there till at least 11:30)
Saturday: Lesson, and RAWF's Big Ben Challenge

The Big Ben Challenge also doesn't finish till at least 11, 11:30's more realistic though.  So I won't be home till about 1:30am.  

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