Sunday, November 6, 2011

RIP Hickstead

For those who don't know, Hickstead collapsed earlier today upon completion of his grand prix round in Veronica Italy earlier today.  He died within minutes in front of hundreds of spectators, both in the ring and live streaming off of the FEI website.  Just for a minute, imagine you've just completed your stadium round/dressage test/whatever else it may be that you're doing, and as you and your horse are walking to exit the ring, he just dies out from underneath you.  I cannot put into words how this event has made me feel.
The cause of death is currently unknown, (though some suspect a burst coronary artery) as no autopsy has been completed.  Since I'd rather not post the footage of his death, I thought I'd post one of the proudest moments in both equestrian and Olympic history for us Canadians.  A much more fit way for us to remember this fantastic athlete.  RIP Hickstead, and my thoughts go out to Eric and his team during this difficult time.

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  1. So So Sad. It was nice of you to post these videos in rememberance. I have a heavy heart.