Friday, October 17, 2014


pirouette is a two-track lateral movement performed at either the walk or the canter in which the animal makes a circle with its front end around a smaller circle made by the hind end, while bent in the direction of travel.

pirouette (literally "whirl") is a type of dance turn on one foot. It is performed with turnout in ballet

When people were asked to send in their pirouette videos for world ballet day, I desperately wanted to send in one like this:
After all, it's still a pirouette!

A Non-Post

One day, I'd like to have time to start blogging regularly again. Unfortunately with two midterms tomorrow, that day is not today. Cadence & I have had an interesting season.... to say the least.... and I desperately want to get my thoughts about it down on paper. But between school, work, horses, and everything else I try to fit in to a day (physio, ballet, sleep, etc.) there's not much time left over for the necessities, like eating, let alone "luxuries" like blogging. I do miss it though.

Some random photos from this past August:

Its too bad she's crazy.... she'd make a lovely hunter
 Dressage in the dust
 Scopey pony