Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cheater Post

Filming wrapped at 3:45am today.  I got home at 5, and slept for 3 1/2h before getting up to go into school.  I skipped physics, but who can honestly handle physics on (what would have been) 1 1/2h (atm ost) of sleep?
The whole experience was wonderful.  Everybody was so kind and helpful, in spite of the late night!  Despite all that, it did affirm one thing: I have no desire to become an actress, lead or otherwise.  I also don't think I'd extra again, unless it was on a favourite TV show kind of thing.  While it was fun, its one of those things that's a bit more of a once in a life time's experience.
I wish I'd brought a camera to take pictures!  When my brain resumes its regular functions, I'll attempt to scrounge some off of other people, and write a slightly more detailed post equipped with tales of exploding lights, cursed dresses, and a turn of the century new years eve party.

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