Monday, November 7, 2011

Games Day

Cadence and I were invited to a friend's annual costume and games day (followed by a potluck for the humans)yesterday.  We attended dressed in fairy-princess style, complete with white and baby blue bows surrounding Cadence's braids, a baby blue saddle pad matched with white polos, my good white breeches (which Cadence promptly slobbered all over) a baby blue shirt, and a set of sparkly fairy wings for myself.  You may think I over did it, but let me assure you... I most definitely did not.  Out of those who dressed up (a few did not) I was probably the least imaginative, creative, and extravagant.  At least Cadence didn't spook at the wings!
As for the actual games, we played musical stalls (during which we were the first pair eliminated), a texting game (in which you must circle the barrel with your letter in sequence to spell your word), a relay race, and an obstacle course relay race.  My team one both relay races, but in the individual games... well, Cadence was the youngest horse there.  The fact that we were ALL beaten by a 37 (I kid you not) year old QH can stay under wraps for the time being ;)
Lastly we had a group game of capture the flag played out on all accessible parts of their 100 acre property. My team won due to our brilliant flag hiding location (we hid it in between two of the spooky hay bales so that it could only be seen from one side, plus the horses are not keen on going anywhere near those death-traps.  Ingenious, eh?) and our stellar flag-finding tactics.  We were done in only half the allotted time, so Cadence and I went and did some schooling in their arena.  She'd been a little hyped up with all the running and stopping and such required in the games, but we settled down enough to put in some pretty decent dressage!  I was proud.
Now I'm off for a jumping lesson.  Ciao!

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  1. Are you seriously going to post this and NOT include a picture of you in your wings???? seriously???