Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Big Apple

Lots of fun touring the big city.  Oddly enough, it doesn't feel that big once you're in it.  We walked through Central Park this morning, ate lunch at a really traditional old-style diner near 5th Ave, went to Tiffany & Co.  Then, after a little afternoon nap, (toddlers are tiring...) we went shopping!  I think I could really get used to this lifestyle... if I had a couple million to spare, that is.  Otherwise, you aren't getting this lifestyle.  Its insane!  Things are just so outrageous.  I'm currently staying in an appt. on the west (I think) side of Central Park.  I can practically see the park from the window.  Well, I'm looking the wrong way; I can see the Hudson River though... does that count?  Either way, an apartment like this goes for $10 000 per month.  Per month!  Insane.  This is a ridiculously big apartment, but still.  What's even more mind boggling is the fact that the east side of the park makes this side look cheap.  Quite the life.

On the agenda for tomorrow is a broadway show, popping in to see Time Square, and (probably) some more shopping :)  Hope everyone enjoys their weekend, and survived Black Friday with all your appendages in-tacked.

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  1. I go to the city once every year or so to remember precisely why I don't go to the city. Haha. It would definitely be a glam lifestyle for a billionaire, but short of that... forget it.