Friday, November 25, 2011

Off to NYC

Adios, amigos.  I'm off to The Big Apple (do I have that name right?) to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family.  First though, here's a quick summary of my last two rides:
went out for a hack.  Cadence was energetic, a little spooky, and damn obstinate.  Overall it was fun though; the scenery/time of day was beautiful!

First dressage school since the clinic.  Cadence was too fresh (should have lunged her first) and was grabby and wanted to lay on me.  On a whim, I asked for a leg yield (something we first learned on Sat... this was her second try) down the long wall, and she gave me absolutely gorgeous lateral movements, both directions!  Unbelievable.  To the right, I could just ask, and leave her alone... occasionally checking her shoulder or adjusting the angle a titch.  Going to the left required a little more leg to keep that bum engaged.  Good reverse on the forehand and haunches too.  She totally understands the aids (and the differences between them) for all three now.  We even leg yielded down the wall in the trot, both ways with stunning results.  I couldn't beleive it was only her second time trying it.
The rest of the ride was good too; when she wanted to lay/grab, I was able to correct and work through it.  My coach will ride her on the weekend when I'm away.
Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving!

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