Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Written Sat...posted Tues

Friday: The mare had yesterday off.  Nothing of consequence to report about it.

Saturday: Cadence was good this morning.  My coach is away, so no lesson :(  We flatted, and her w/t/c is coming along nicely.  Her trot work after we've cantered has gotten a lot less fussy, and while she's still struggling with working consistently over her back, she's starting to get there.  Her canter right's still stiff to bend, and her left (her good lead) is still rushy, but both are improving.  Her left feels rushier than it looks, which is good news I suppose.
I took a short vid of her free lunging herself before I hopped on.  Its far from the most interesting she's been.... mostly just galloping.  I love it when she really gets up in the air, but she just wasn't interested today.  Of course, nothing fun when I bring the camera.  I do love the fact that she totally free lunges herself.  All I do is stand in the middle with the whip and cluck when she stops.  She runs around for 5-10 minutes, and then just walks calmly up to me and follows me over to the gate, where I pop her saddle and bridle on.  We don't free lunge in tack, so that she doesn't associate the two.  I don't know if it works, but I sure hope so.  One day when she's totally bonkers, I'll hopefully have the camera.   Apologies in advance for the poor video quality, I was trying to organize her stuff while keeping the camera on her.  It's actually pretty hard to do if you're facing in the opposite direction...
Update:  I've been trying to upload the video for the past few days, but to no avail.   Instead, I'll post some snow pics from that dreaded storm.  Despite teh (slightly) above freezing temps, its still all here!  Yay! Not.

 Snow engulfing my snow boots
It reached well over the top :(
 The chickens refused to come out of their coop
 Difference between shoveled and un-shoveled

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  1. The snow is beautful even if it does mess up our plans.