Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Saddles and 10 (now 11) followers

First off, thank you to everyone that follows Cadence Arty and I as we meander our way through life, and hopefully out to a couple of dressage, jumper, and eventing competitions this summer. It really means a lot to me, and I'm sure that if the ponies knew they'd be happy too. Especially Cadence!  Arty's too camera shy ;)

Anyhow, some exciting news on the saddle front.  The lady that owns Bronx (17.1 dressage horse that my mare's in love with) has a saddle that no longer fits him, as he's transformed from a medium narrow to a wide.  Talk about muscling up!  She offered to sell it to us for a really great price, so if I can get a cheap used CC, we're in business!  Luckily for us, that may just happen.  My coach has a saddle fitter coming out to fit saddles to her horse (Zeedle) and Bronx on Friday, and he's agreed to bring out a couple of used CC's for Cadence and I to try. (Cross your fingers please!)  I think the dressage saddle's an Exselle Allure.  I'm not 100% sure if its an Allure, that's just my best guess.  If it is though, we'd be getting an awesome deal; Stephanie would be selling it for less than 1/4 ofits original price, and its in perfect condition... not a scratch on it.  Even better, the saddle fits me really well.  I find it hard to find a dressage saddle that fits me well.  I'm thin with a long leg, so they either fit in the seat and are short in the leg, or are huge in the seat and fit in the leg.  This one is a lot better than most though.  I suppose we'll just have to wait till Friday to see. 

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  1. Good luck - I hate saddle shopping, love finding a treasure.