Tuesday, March 8, 2011


(slightly grumpy looking mare)

I had a little mimi-epiphany last night.  I'd been trying to get Cadence to stretch, while keeping a calm and consistent trot rhythm.  However, this required her to be able to hold a rhythm and keep a steady trot without rushing off whenever my reins were even marginally loosened... and she couldn't do that!  *Epiphany* Therefore, once we could keep a steady trot without contact, we could begin stretching.  So last night we began attempting it.  We trotted at a forward pace with a light light contact, and no frame whatsoever.  She was quick, but settle-able (even if that isn't a word).  All will come with time.

Happy shrove tuesday all!  I now feel sick, having just devoured six (I wasn't counting... so that's a guesstimate) large pancakes straight off the griddle.  What can I say?  I don't have anyone to share them with... and recepies rarely make pancakes for one.  Not  to mention they were really yummy, so really its not my fault at all.

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  1. New to your blog, but I was catching up to present day and read your post about getting Candence as your birthday present. I know it happened almost a month ago, but nevertheless, congratulations! i know how exciting that is, as I got my first horse only 6 months ago!

    I love having mini-epiphanies. sometimes things just "click" and it's the best feeling in the world:)

    Hope you enjoyed your pancakes.