Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Not What You Want to Hear

So today I get home, and there's a message on the answering machine from my coach.   I hit play, expecting a report on how her ride went, since she was supposed to ride Cadence today.  Instead , I got a message that went something like this:
"Hi Katie, sorry I missed your call the other day.  I do need to talk to you about Cadence, though.  She had a bit of an incident today.  She's totally unscathed"

Sounds ominous, right?  Just wait,  it gets better.
  The next part is somewhat paraphrased.

"I brought her and Zee (Her horse) in, and left her in her stall while I rode Zeedle.  Cadence panicked, and smashed the window out in her stall.  She's fine, but we do need to work on her seperation anxiety, and get her on a different program.  She's got too much energy."
So, apparently my horse knocked the window (Which is really freaking high up) out of her stall, using her head in a fit of panic induced psychosis.  Thank god she wasn't hurt, save a small (blood free) scrape on her head, but she managed to soak through both of her winter blankets.  I'll be heading out to the barn later on to ride (or at the very least check over and lunge) her.  I'll also bring my camera to see if I can get some pictures the damage before they repair it.
All in all, a little more excitement than I was expecting on my day off!

Oh, and she's earned a new nick name: The Juvenile Delinquent.  Fitting, unfortunately! ;)

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  1. Eep! What an awful message to come home to. Ozzy put his head through a barn light once. He wasn't hurt, but it was enough to give me a heart attack.