Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Back from the Canter

Alright.  My goal in regards to updating is to give consistent and concise updates on what Cadence and I are working on.  For this post, I'll give a brief back log in order to get myself up to speed.  On Saturday (feb 26th) Cadence's old owner (Caitlyn) came out to pick up some of her stuff and watch me ride.  I didn't have a lesson, as per our usual arrangement because my coach was off at a clinic with Bronx.  Saturdays are Cadence's nemesis, as she has to watch all the other horses walk right past her (heading out for turnout) while I tack up, and then must behave in a calm and relaxed manner after sitting in a stall at night.  A necessary evil, as she must learn to get over things like that, but its still a pain in the ass.  Anyhow, since she'd had Friday off she was even worse, so we put on quite the show for Caitlyn.  We'd jumped friday, so we worked on w/t/c over a single pole.  Surprisingly difficult exercise for her ;)  She was throwing her head down a lot... which was odd since she's very much a nose up in the air kinda girl.

Sunday we just lunged, since I'd forgotten to bring my saddle pad.  I'd brought it home to wash... but I took it

Yesterday I decided to work a little on her canter.  She's still hanging off my right a bit, but in truth she's getting a lot more even.  Her walk was terrible.  Whenever I'd pick up any contact, she'd just get all sticky and trow her head.  Eventually, once I'd gotten one reasonably good one out of her we moved into the trot, which was beautiful.  Nice and light in my hands, remaining on the bit, and keeping a (relatively) consistent rhythm.  Yay!  Her trot to the left was wonderful.  She's getting better about not falling through her right shoulder.  However, I couldn't get her totally on that left rein when we went to the right.  We spiralled in and out on a circle in both directions, and worked on keeping her even and consistent (speed wise) down the long sides.  Her canter was nice, so after a good long canter we came back to trot.  That's when I first discovered a weakness in our ride.  Her after canter trot work sucks.  Majorly.  I think both she and I get so exhausted that we just return to walk, but she wouldn't come on the bit for more than five seconds, wouldn't soften, was strong, rushy, and her Cadence sucked.  The hardest part is how strong she gets.  She's normally so soft, I feel like I'm ruining her, and like I should be doing something differently.  Ah well, this definatley provides something for us to work on! 

I WANT SPRING TO BE HERE!  Yesterday it rained.  All morning.  Then, it was beautiful and sunny all afternoon.  By the time I made it out to the barn, it was cold and dark again, and EVERYTHING was coated in ice... just my luck.

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