Thursday, March 17, 2011

I have no good title

I ought to make this quick, as I'm being eaten by a chemistry project that I've been (rather successfully) attempting to ignore, so here goes:
-Sunday we rode with the WP (Western Pleasure) people and did pole patterns!  Yay!  We tried out the sprenger, and she really liked it :O  Uh oh.... more money for the tack shop!
-Monday the mare got a day off.  I rode Majik, who was a lot better than the last time I'd ridden her.  No more sticking hewr jaw out to the right and coming behind the bit.  More (tiny) bucks though.  Ah well, can't win 'em all.
-We jumped Tuesday. She was grabbing the reins from me after the fences (yucky mare!)  and being generally rude, so we quit after we got three good ones in a row.  It took us almost 20 minutes to get those three... but pretend you didn't hear that.  She reacted well to the sprenger o/f, the rein pulliness was just attitude.
-Wednesday we flatted.  She went nicely, save a little stiffness to the left, and some haunch swinging on left circles.  Nothing overly noticeable, just details.   Her canter was also a little rushy, but she was quite good with horses entering and leaving the ring.  I also pulled and re-braided her mane in an attempt to train it over. Still no luck!
Today we had a lesson, and jumped in the Childeric.  Wow, is it ever comfy!  She was tired, as I'd had to free lunge her, tack her up, lunge her, and then ride her.  Seperation anxiety/watching the geldings galloping out in the field.  We had our first run out today, and combined it with knocking the whole jump over.  I suppose she thought we'd go out with a bang.  Thank god the standard was only a plastic barrel!  Jumped really well in the sprenger though!  (Save that one incident)  I turned her out sans blanket for the first time today, since it was 55 degrees!!! Unfortunately, it's also muddy.... The three geldings in the pasture all looked identical today: Brown balls of mud. I wish I'd had my camera for that pic!

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