Sunday, April 3, 2011

Oh Me Oh My Oh Where Does the time Go?

Busy busy week. Luckily for you, its 2:45am my time, so I'll keep this short.  Monday Cadence was silly and difficult.  Opinionated mare in heat.  Yay!  She was great w/t, but after we cantered it was like trying to bend a plank of wood.  For a half hour.  Tuesday she had off because of the farrier.  Wednesday we jumped, she was better.  I miss the comfy Childeric.  Apparently the people don't want to go lower on their price, so it doesn't look like I'll be getting it.  I digress.  Thursday we jumped (again) because she's happier when we were jumping.  Not as good as Wed.  Friday, I had a lesson (thank god).  We popped draws on her, and she was good w/t but got really frazzled in the canter.  My coach hopped up, knocked some sense into her, and agreed that we'd split the lesson on Sat.  She'd ride for 1/2, I'd ride for 1/2.  I think she was a little worried by Cadence's regression since she'd gone into heat.  She was pleased when she rode her Saturday, and everyone left pleased.

Cadence's canter issues:
She has been having issues picking up the correct lead.  I'm a little displeased because this wasn't really an issue before.  We've taken a step back and aren't focusing as much on the working over the back, but instead are making sure she thoroughly understands the aid (the issue seems to be that she doesn't) and can connect the aid with it's corresponding lead.  Apparently its just a green + green issue, but I'm still a little frustrated with myself.  I'm still scared I'm gonna ruin her.  Anyhow, I should be off to bed. I have to get up at 6:30, and I'm so not a morning person.  Especially with 4 hours of sleep!

Good note: Thanks to all 16 followers, it means a lot!  
Bad note:  It snowed tonight.  Again.  And last I checked, it was sticking.  -_-


  1. It's snowing here too. YUCK!
    Some yahoo taught Nina to pick up her lead off the inside leg. Have to change that but for now I just deal with it. Any possibility that this is Cadence's problem?

  2. It's very important to be on the correct diagonal and ask during the sit. Sometimes it helps to bend the horse to the outside for half a stride before the transition until they get it.