Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In denial... And loving it!

I was, I'll admit, wholeheartedly in denial that it was going to snow again.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I finally had to accept it when another lady at the barn commented that she was worried about her commute tomorrow, due to the fact that we're supposed to get 10cm of snow!  That's 3.9 inches for you Americans out there.  That's a lot of snow to get in a couple of hours in January, and a ton of snow to get in a couple of hours in March.  After realizing that this was very real, and not some cruel early April fools joke, I put Cadence's blanket on after we rode. 

Sorry for the sulking, but seriously?  Snow after St. Patty's day?  It just shouldn't happen.  On a better note, Cadence and I jumped today, and quite successfully might I add.  We set up to cross rails with a placing pole before and after, one to the left and one to the right.  We trotted 'em both a couple of times, and then popped them up to verticals.  She did them all wonderfully and quietly, save one.  For some reason, she started to lag as we headed up to the one vertical.  We'd already jumped it, she wasn't tired, and it was exactly the same as the last time we'd done it, but apparently she wasn't interested.  I wanted to wait till we were over the placing pole before pushing her to the jump, but by then it was too late.  She stopped, I managed to land on her neck (no leaning forward, Katie!) and keep one foot in the stirrup.  I hopped back in the tack, had my ground crew set it back up, and trotted right back over it.  No issues this time.  It was odd, the rest of our ride was great (except when I attempted to stretch her @ the trot... she wasn't having any of that nonsense)  I still am at a loss as to why she stopped and am mad at myself for not pushing her earlier, especially when I could feel it coming.  All in all, totally my fault. 

Lessons learnt:
1) Sit up!  I always tip forward when I jump.  It has now been reduced to maybe a centimeter at most, but that's all it takes to take a tumble. 
2) If she's sucking back, push.  Right away.  There's a difference between calm and sticky, and I need to get the calm but still have some horse underneath me, bottled up and ready to be released.


  1. Here's a thought.. Check your eyes.. No, I don't mean go see an optometrist.. =) Where are you looking? Did you maybe focus on the poles and the jump more that time? Up and over, and far far away.. I'm terrible at this. I look up and over right until those hooves left the ground, and then until landing, I wasn't looking anywhere. I was so busy focusing on hands and body, and the air-feeling, I'd forget to use my eyes and my brain. =)

    Good luck!

  2. We got snow too. It sucked so bad...