Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Chicken!

Welcome to spring, everyone!  While most people make new years resolutions, I'm making a spring resolution:
No more long johns!  I'm not quite ready to give up those cozy winter boots, since it's supposed to snow Wednesday and Thursday.
I was prompted to make this decision, because last Friday I realized that I was wearing long johns when it was 55 degrees out.  Pathetic, but I'm afraid to let them go.
Speaking of last Friday, Cadence and I had a great jumping lesson.  We did some woah waits in the canter, an all new concept to her, but she handled it like a pro.  Her jumping was beautiful, and not only did we jump the barrels for the first time (sans standards too), but we popped them upright and used them as standards, heiking it up to 3'3.  Highest she's gone yet!  I was really proud of her. 
She wasn't keen on these alterations to our regular jumps, so I had to really sit up and ride.  This is something that I've been nervous to do on her, due to her sensitive and foreward nature.  It taught me that while there's a time for soft quiet riding, there's also a time to just get 'er done. 
I was down in the States Saturday, so she got the day off.  Then last night when I went to see her, she was a little wired, not to mention covered in mud.  By the time I was done grooming, I only had a 1/2 hour to ride, and it took that whole 1/2 hour to get her working over her back in the trot.  No canter for a psycho mare!  That said, it did take a while for her to stand while I was mounting.  She even took off on me once; I was not impressed. This is what happens when the mare gets a day off, everything goes out the window to be replaced by hyperactive craziness!
Cadence's getting skinny again, despite the vast amount of food she's being fed.  Any reccomendations on how to fattenher up?  I can now oficially see more than just one or two of her ribs, so its time for action... if only I knew what to do.  I swear, every time we get weight on her, she just goes and turns it into muscle or something.  How she does it, I'll never know... especially considering what a pig she is.

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  1. Vegetable oil (not corn oil) in her food is 1,000 calories a cup. A supplement called Hard Keeper is a powdered (really kind of crumbled) supp that worked well for Scotty. It isn't enough for Nina, who apparently LIKES her skinny figure. Rice bran is also high calorie and vitamins and minerals but it is expensive too.