Monday, March 7, 2011


I'm sorry I appear to have disappeared.  I'm still alive, I swear.  I've had a bit of a busy week though.  So after Cadence's window incident on Tuesday, she went and colicked on me on Friday. Oh mare!  She's never coliced before, and thankfully it wasn't anything major, but still not a pleasant end to a busy week.  Anyhow, she had Saturday off and we rode again on Sunday.  Before her colic incident, we'd had a lesson.  Lynda had us use some type of rein thingy that I can't remember the name of.  Think of a draw rein through the noseband, but only on the one side.  We used this to help her soften to the right without having to be on her mouth.  Cadence is very foreward, but very sensitive, especially when she's suppleand on the bit.  Its like having a feather in your hands.  You can feel her, but she's so light!  The rein majigger worked quite well, so hopefully we can supplement it into some of our regular rides.  I don't want to use it too often, as I hate relying on any sort of artificial aid, but I can see the benefits when used for the right reasons.


  1. Glad the colic resolved fast. Scary stuff. Do you have a picture of the rein thingy? I cannot picture this.

  2. Glad the colic didn't turn out to be too serious. That's all she's allowed now! No more scares.

  3. Yeah, tell me about it. She's got it out of her system, now that's all for the next five years!