Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jumping saddles and Jumping Lessons

Saddle fitting:  It went alright... our dressage saddle was given the OK, but will probably need to be restuffed in a few months.  That's alright, as even with the re-stuffing cost, it'll still be $800 for a $2500 saddle.  All good by me!  We have a collegiate on trial, which fits me and the mare fine, but I do worry about the leather quality a bit.  Anyone have any experience with them?  
Today we shopped around a bit, and found a used childeric (!!!) to try, but as a used saddle this one's still over $2000.  A little pricey for me.  The other one we found was a Prestige Eventer.  I really liked this one, and its not a bad price for a Prestige.  The only thing I disliked is that it had rather large blocks, which were pushing against my knee.  They have movable blocks, so this can probably be remedied.  The other one that I want to try, but the test ride was unavailable, was the prestige Meredith.  I think I'd have a hard time getting a used Meredith though, as its not only a newer saddle, but also a limited edition.  It does have its benefits, as you can get a more foreward leg flap (+2 or +4) which would suit my long legs!  The Collegiate that I currently have on trial is a 16.5, and my knee just stays on the saddle :P


The Prestige Eventer

Prestige Meredith (which apparently wants to be faded and grey...?)

Jumping lesson went well.  We did various patterns, trotting into two cross rails set up half way down the arena on either side.  We even cantered a couple!  Go mare.  Cadence felt fantastic through some of it.  Jumping up, getting good spots, etc.  Man, that mare's got scope.  We messed up two or three of them though... she kept taking really long spots(despite our nice slow trot) on this one jump going towards home, and I'd end up getting left behind and looking like a total idiot.  Oh well!  Adelways concentrate on the bright side of life!

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  1. The Collegiate is not good leather, it will last longer than some but it will give out.
    I had a Prestige and loved it - not that that has anything to do with you or your horse :-p
    Good that the dressage saddle fit!