Monday, January 31, 2011

I Thought Holidays Were Relaxing!

I was wrong.  My last exam ended Thursday morning, and instead of gettign the nice relaxing weekend I'd been hoping for, I got a family Christmas get-together!  Fun, but hectic, busy, and occasionally chaotic ;)  Anyhow onto the riding part.
Thursday: Went to the barn to free lunge Cadence.  She was awesome, so at the end I unhooked her, and we walked back towards the arena gate together.  I realized I'd forgotten the lunge whip, so I headed back over and picked it up.  This happened to coincide with my dad arriving at the barn, so the resulting incident could have occurred for a number of reasons.  Cadence perked her ears foreward, and started to trot.  That lasted for aobut three strides, before she took off bucking and tearing around the arena.  This continued for about five solid minutes, with her never slowing down.  I was so worried about her getting hurt, but she looked like she was having the time of her life!  After I FINALLY caught her, she went back on the lunge till she was responding nicely, and not tearing around the arena.
Also rode Bailey.  Cantered him for the first time in a while.  It was fun to concentrate a little more on my position, and to ride in a dressage saddle!  I really do enjoy dressage, and have missed the comfort of long stirrups ;)

Friday: Lesson.  Cadence was good, much more even.  Barb commented a while back that Cadence looked like she had a bit of power, and I got my first real taste of that.  As she evened out, she's been putting on muscle, and she was anxious to show it off! Family arrived Friday, and I was up late.  Bad idea, since I had a 9:00 lesson the next morning.

Saturday:  Cadence was fantastic!  She did her first gymnastic which was through two cross rails set up between a set of stools and two barrels.  What a brave mare!

So after riding Cadence I went to ride Majik, the little Morgan mare.  I was so impressed with her!  She was clearly not too pleased about my asking her to work, but she really strutted her stuff for me!  Aside from constantly going behind the bit (a habit I hate) she was phenomenal.  She had a lot more training on her than I expected.  I later found out she'd been trained to second level dressage, but her owner (probably not knowing what that meant) failed to mention that to me.  Anyhow, long story short I had a riot on her.  Tehehe, she had the oddest feeling caner though.  It felt so odd after Cadence's large powerful canter!

Sunday:  Went to ride Bailey.  It was freezing, but I was still riding around with nothing more than a shirt and one measly little sweater on.  That said, I tacked up in clothing suitable for antarctic travel.

Monday: Rode Cadence again today.  She was ready to rumble in the canter, and down right pissed that I wouldn't let her.  That mare's really got some power in her when she wants to.  When she throws her head up, she goes all springy-and-bouncey-on-the-spotey.  You can tell she's starting to power up.  Now that she's much evener, I've been able to start bending her to the left a bit.  She feels so fantastic when she gets going nicely, she really is a joy to ride.


  1. Thanks! I'm extremely happy with how quickly she's coming along, she's a very smart little mare.