Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Happy Place...

Is usually at the barn, but recently seems to have been in my bed.  Anyhow, I stuck with my goal and had a fantastic ride on Cadence.  We jumped for the first time in forever, and she was great.  Didn't over jump like crazy, (she WAY over jumps things when you free lunge her) but she was also calm!  I was really surprised, considering how badly she wanted to go when we were cantering.  I think she really really enjoys it though, so she was probably happy just to be jumping again.  I don't have any pictures or videos, and to be honest, I'm glad.  It was the first time I'd jumped in ages, and I could feel my form sucking majorly.  I think I would have died of embarrassment had I seen any videos.  Since I'm busy trying not to finish a french paper, I'll write a little play by play of our jumping:
We started off with some trot poles, which she consistently hit, due to her desire to extend through them. 
Then we progressed to an X made using two barrels set on their sides.  The Barn she's at doesn't have any standards... but the barrels work.
We did the x twice, and she was great.  There were ground poles on either side, and I think she was more concerned with those.  She's got a thing with poles ;)
Next we set up a vertical.  Trotted this once, then cantered it three times in a row!  Go mare!  On the third and fourth jump, we really hit our stride together.  She's got a very scopey jump, and a huge jump in her hind end.  It took me a minute to feel my way around it.
Next we set up an oxer, square wit the poles spread out as far as they'd go.  The first time we did this, she got a bad distance, but made it nicely over the jump.  Afterwards, we came back to a trot, and she stopped, trew her head down, snorted, and wouldn't move.  I kicked her several times, and she totally ignored me!  So then, I opened my left rein, and she turned and walked on, incident forgotten ;)  I love how easy it is to trick a green horse.
Next time we went to the oxer, she jumped it beautifully but big!  It surprised me a bit, but I stayed with her  and that was my sole goal, I was satisfied.  The best part of the ride came at the end though.  We agreed to have Cadence stay for 10 more days, so I could take her for a test run.  I hope to get some pics tomorrow, and maybe some better videos.  We'll see how it goes.


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  2. That trick will work on a trained horse too. I think once their feet begin to move they get over their fear or whatever and think things must be all right afterall. I wish I could get over hard stuff with me that easy. LOL