Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fun In The...Snow

It started to snow around 10 last night, and has just kept on blowing since then!  The nice thing is, its relatively warm out.  Its somewhere around 15, and while it isn't sunny the snow sure is beautiful.  I took my camera with me when I went to put the chickens in last night, but the wind was too high to really get many pictures, as I had to sort of shield my camera from the oncoming snow.  The fact that Rio (my 2y/o papillon) didn't understand why I wanted him to get away from me did not help either.  However, I did catch a couple I liked once Rio and I were back in side.  The lighting was terrible, but my little camera dealt with it pretty well.


  1. Don't lose the little guy in a snow drift. He looks much more at home in front of the fire.
    I can rarely get pics of my dogs unless something else is going on. They think posing for the camera means sticking your nose up against it. Stay warm.

  2. The fire certainly seems like an inviting option...