Monday, January 24, 2011

Big Boy Bits

1) Arty got a new bit!  Its his first bit that isn't made entirely of rubber, coated in rubber, or has anything to do with rubber whatsoever.  He's now got a (very thick) four and a half french link Dee ring.  I intended to ride him in it today, but it was waaay too cold to be fiddling with a bit at the barn, so I brought his bridle home.  I can fiddle in the warmth of a heated building, instead of the freezing coldness that is the barn.

2)  Cadence is amazing.  In three lunge sessions, she has all of her verbal walk trot and canter commands down, for both upwards and downwards transitions.  The only thing she's sorely lacking in is halt.  She really doesn't like that one ;)  I'm also extremely happy with how balanced she is now!  Seriously, you can change directions at the trot without feeling like she's pacing one direction and trotting the other.  You still need to ask for some right bend all the time to keep her even at the trot, and her right canter's a bit rushy but she's coming along so nicely!  I love working with young horses. She was also great with the draws on today, though I have to admit I think she goes better without them.  I cringe to see my position in this video.  I've got to get rid of that chair seat.  I find that Bailey's dressage saddle is the worst for positioning me, but Cadence's jumping saddle isn't great either.  I try to work through it, but I was so concentrated on "right rein, sit in the saddle.  Right rein, sit in the saddle."  Unfortunately, you're seeing her only misbehaving moment in this video, but the rest of the videos are of the inside a pocket.  All of our jumping was missed!  :'(  Ah well.  Her trot poles are better, and when we jumped the oxer she cleared it and the canter pole in front of it  : D  The best part?  I would never have guessed.