Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two Down, Two To Go

I have a new acronym for myself : MLIC (My Life Is Crazy)  None of this average stuff for me.  Today I:

-Went to school at 9 for a music theory exam
-Left at 10:30 to go to the barn
-Lunged Cadence (She was alright, but fall in a bit)
-Hopped on Cadence and worked in the walk and trot.  Her boyfriend, Bronx was in the ring so she was a bit distracted, but awesome all around.  Her constant left bend is all but gone!
-Left the barn at 12:30 to head back to school
-grabbed a slice of pizza on the way
-Played my flute exam at 1:35
-Left school (again) at 1:55
-Came home to study.  I still haven't gotten to the study part yet...
During the next week I have:
-A lesson (on Cadence) and an exam tomorrow
-An exam Thursday, and hopefully I'll lunge Cadence and ride Arty.  Thursday's my last exam
-A lesson Friday (on Cadence)
-Ride Cadence and Arty Saturday

-Ride Magik Saturday.  A lady from Arty's barn is going away for a few days, and wanted me to exercise and love her 7 y/o morgan cross who was backed and trained english and then left out in a field for two years.  Her rider's ridden western her whole life, and is sort of out of depths with this whole English thing.   She's the mare in the pictures.  She's stubborn and egotistical (in my opinion) and her mom spoils her a bit, but she has the basics and was started really well (backed and trained by Elaine Ward).
-On top of that, I still don't know when I'm supposed to be riding Bales.  Ah well, I'll get around to it.

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