Monday, January 10, 2011

Running the risk of sounding like a broken record...

I hate winter.  Brrrr, its cold cold cold cold cold out, and since I’m a huge wimp, I think I should complain about it again.   Our high for today 8.6degrees Fahrenheit, without the wind chill.  I’m heading straight for the barn *shiver* from school today, so all of my barn clothes came with me to school.  I had a total of five bags to cart to the car, plus one very bulky ski jacket.  I had them all in my hands, I somehow managed to get out the door, and I turned around to lock it.  My keys were in my pocket, but I had my left hand free and the key was in my right pocket.  Intelligent, I know!  Since I was too stubborn to set down all the bags I’d just picked up, it took me a while to fish out my key.  When I finally did manage to grab the key, I promptly dropped it.  Naturally.  Once the house was finally locked, I slipped and slid my way all the way to the car, barely avoiding landing on my butt more than once.  Grrrr, evil weather.  It is pretty though!
On a completely different note, last night I went out to exercise Bailey.  I hand walked him around the arena a total of thirty times, going over the cavalettis 10x at half height in each direction and 5x at full height, each direction.  I almost hate to admit it, but it was quite fun.  I really do enjoy spending time with the furry critters, even if it’s not on their backs.  That said, I’m not about to give up riding completely in order to become a human hot walker.  And while we’re on the subject of riding, tonight I’m off to ride Cadence again.  I think I’d be a lot more excited if I weren’t quite so exhausted.  Ughhh… I hate school.

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