Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lessons (and a movie reccomendation)

My goodness am I ever exhausted!  Who knew doing nothing could be so taxing?  I just got home from the theater.  I went to see The King's Speech, and man was it ever amazing!  Honestly, should you wish to go see a movie, go see that one.  Helena Bonham Carter was fantastic!  Honest to god, she played the role so well you would never guess the same actress played Bellatrix Lestrange, or Mrs. Lovett.
In regards to riding, I had a lunge lesson on Thursday.  I was very pleased about that, as it afforded me the opportunity to work on a skill that really needed improvement.  I'm very pleased that Cadence's ground manners have been improving.  She no longer barges into people, she stands when you bridle her, and she listens (fir a minute or two) when you reprimand her for grinding her feet.  She's still very antsy in the cross ties, a fact that is emphasized by the fact that all the other boarders in the barn ground tie their horses.  Not fair!  Today when I rode her, and I was so happy with the results.  I can really feel her improving, & she's much more balanced.  I've got a lesson tomorrow, so I'll try to take some pictures.  I should probably appologize for the poor post quality, but my brain has been turned to mush.  Ughh, I hate studying.  I can't wait till exams are over!

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