Friday, November 30, 2012

Last Post of NaBloPoMo & BTW, Its Broken.

 So this one post suddenly morphed into two with the addition of some... interesting news.  Hence  the two titles, and two sections.

Last Post of NaBloPoMo
An unoriginal title to be sure, but I have too much variety for this post to fit it neatly under one title, so an unoriginal generic title will suffice.
To begin with, today draws NaBloPoMo to a close.  I missed two days (both because I was traveling) this month, and while that frustrates me a little, 28 posts is still way above my monthly norm so I guess you could call it a success.  November's an awful month for NaBloPoMo to fall in, as its always an incredibly busy month.  But then again, when is there ever a month that isn't terribly busy?

My sprained foot is healing pretty well considering the severity of the sprain.  I've started putting a bit of weight on it.  Not fully weight bearing yet, but we're getting there.  I can bend and flex my toes (not to their fullest, that is) without pain now, and the bruising and swelling are FINALLY going away!!

I've ridden once since I sprained it, and Cadence was a saint.  It was Tues, and my foot was still quite painful at the time so I couldn't even touch her with my heel.  Riding an extremely forward and sensitive horse makes that easy.  Cluck and ask with seat to go forward, shift weight/use seat to turn.  The issue came with my balance being thrown off a bit since I
a) haven't done no stirrup work in the close contact in.... well, months.
b) had no control of my ankle and foot

She, having had more time off than usual (she was on day off day on work while I was away) was a little on the hot side but held it all in perfectly and was an angel.  I had her lunged for me on Wed, but she had yesterday (thurs) off, so we'll see what I get tonight.

BTW Its Broken
Breaking news!  Just got the radiologist's report on my x-rays back.  It turns out that in addition to the bad sprain I have, there's a hairline fracture that the first doc missed as well.  Just as I start to ditch the crutches, more bad news comes my way.  At least with this one it'll be duct tape and a stiff boot rather than crutches.  Small comfort though.  Anywho, now I'm paranoid that I've been treating the injury incorrectly, and that some of the pain I felt when I started to stretch and flex my foot wasn't just stiffness, but was the fracture instead.  A few choice words come to mind to express how I'm feeling at the moment, but it hardly seems appropriate to post.  Instead I'll head to the barn and take comfort in my amazing mare.


  1. Ugh. Hairline fractures are annoying--they're so small that they're hard to see, but they hurt like crazy. There's nothing badass about "well, the crack was so tiny they missed it the first time", but it still hurts just as much. :(

    ;) Coming from someone who had a hairline fracture in my arm that made me overlook two fractures in my jaw.

    1. To be honest, its not really the pain that's frustrating. It's been long enough that I have nothing more than a dull ache, perhaps punctuated with the occasional flare up at worst. Really, its just the panic that we've been treating this wrong, and that it'll set my 'recovery plan' back further. I'm a rather independent person and being reliant on other people has been a major adjustment that I cannot wait to move on from. It ooks like it'll only be a day or two longer than we'd previously expected though, so I guess I should count my lucky stars it wasn't worse. Still a bit frustrated with the doc though . From the sounds of it, the ligament damage was bad enough that he figured he'd found the problem and stopped looking. Here's hoping that was not the case!!