Monday, November 12, 2012

Saying Goodbye to my Saddle

Back in Mid September Cadence started pinning her ears.  She'd pin her ears when you put her saddle on, pin her ears when you got on, and occasionally pin her ears when stretching in the trot.  This behaviour, while not out of place on most horses, was extremely out of character for her.  I checked her back, fearing she was a bit sore, but she was never reactive.  However, on a whim one day I checked her whithers, and was alarmed to note that she was quite sensitive in her whither area.  It was probably early October by the time I made this discovery.I immediately panicked, fearing we were going to suddenly regress into the disaster that was this past spring, but after having a bit of sense talked into me, I formed a (more) ratinoal plan.
1. Call massage therapist and have her check out The Mare
2. Get her to tell me whether or not I'm going all Munchausen by Proxy and creating issues, or if there's actually something going on with her
3. Call saddle fitter if neccesary
By the time all 3 steps had been completed, it was mid October, and by the time the saddle fitter arrived at the barn, it had been over a month and a half.  Cadence wasn't seriously sore, but she wasn't herself either, and sure enough... there were some fit issues.  The dressage saddle was correctable.  I'm going to take it in in a week or so so that they can re-stuff it over Thanksgiving, since I'll be gone and won't be needing my saddle.  The bad news though is that I'm going to have to sell my beloved close contact.  The saddle was actually (and unbelievably) a gift.   I'd tried out a used Childeric on a whim, and fallen in love. It was the only cc I'd ridden in that fit me, fit my horse, and was comfortable!  However, lovely as it was, I couldn't afford it :(  That saddle was then purchased and gifted to me, and was concluded to be a 'perfect fit' for my mare.  However, that was in March.  She's a very different shape, all buffed up... and has grown from a medium narrow to a medium wide.  So my beloved jumping saddle will be up for sale, and I'll be searching for something used, comfortable, and *hopefully* reasonably priced.  Goodbye my beauty; you will be missed!
Fun times rocking the Luc Childeric

Since I don't randomly take pictures of my saddle, this was the best I could find.  Look at that soft, beautifully coloured leather!  Oh how buttery soft and smooth...

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  1. Awww. I'm still holding on to a saddle that will NEVER fit my horse because I loved it so much on my last horse. Not sure what I'd do if I had to sell it. :(