Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The 'Stick It' Seat

Cadence is a scopey jumper.  She's also a pretty brave jumper.  This combination has made for some pretty interesting fences!  These are a few of my favourites that have been caught on camera.  Complete with my desperate attempts to hold on...

 Above: If cou look closely in the area underneath Cadence's barrel...you can see my coach.  The actual jump is just behind her hind legs.  It was a little (2') red bench...
Below: This one doesn't look that spectacular/bizzarre without the perspective of the other horses jumping the fence.  She took off WAY out, its just hard to see from this angle.

 Above: our whole course looked a bit like that.... except for the last two fences :P
Below: my all time favourite!  First jump of her second or third xc school.

 Above: NOT what you want in a hunter round....
Below: Cadence putting one stride in a 36 foot line at champs. She cleared the fence....

 Above: first fence at Champs.  She rocked that course!
Below: Umm.... she just took a long spot. And over jumped

Two more photos from the same school as the one on the top.  What a mare.


  1. She's definitely an athlete and so are you for staying with her, yikes! Any chance there's video of that championship round? Inquiring minds...

    1. Indeed there is. The actual round starts around 1:10

    2. Haha, wow. She makes that "one stride" look easy. Love ride, though. :)