Thursday, November 8, 2012

(Attempt at) Conformation Pics

I've wanted to get some decent conformation shots of Cadence for a while.  However, between the weather, time, and convincing someone to come play photographer or pony handler, I haven't had much luck.  Until last Sunday, that is.  We got some shots.  None were spectacular (they were taken on the video camera b/c the nice pretty camera I'd stolen borrowed died on me) as Miss Mare was far more interested in eating the grass than standing in the cold to have her picture taken.  Oh, and the ground wasn't perfectly even either... so she looks a bit butt high/oddly proportioned in some!
 Umm.... morgan horse impersonation?
 Angled towards the camera & pissy 'you no let me eat grass' face
 Still angled towards the camera, but at least she looks happier.
 Pretty mare perks up with the possibility of a trail ride!
Ain't she sweet?
 She's got the tiniest mouth!

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  1. The last conformation shot is ok. At least it highlights how cute she is. :)