Friday, November 9, 2012

Jumping for Joy

Since last time I shared bad jump photos, I thought I should share at least a few nice ones, even if they're not as fun.
 Cadence's first course
 Okay, that one isin't really the best example of a 'good' jump, seeing as she's jumping about 3 feet too high, but its a decent picture so we're taking it. Plus, it was the only jump we did that day!

 Okay, that one's actually a rather ugly looking jump on Cadence's part... she's not using her neck at all.  But the reason I showed it is because I'm pretty sure that's the closest we've ever gotten to a xc fence!

 Aww, mare-face!

 The last jump on the wettest course on earth!
Sanity! Its a beautiful thing.
She still doesn't like to get too close to the jumps...

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