Sunday, November 18, 2012

XC Snaps

Well, video stills... but you get the point.  We had an awesome school today. Cadence was strong, and apparently thought my arms needed a work out.  Better than my legs I guess; at least you know she's (REALLY) enjoying herself! My amazing dad came up and played videographer, so hopefully I'll have the video up by Tuesday.
 We totally aren't over jumping... nope! Not at all.

 Trotting like a beast.
 Not the prettiest jump, but I liked the angle.
 This jump was beautiful, but I could NOT pause the video at the right moment!
Cadence eats ditches for breakfast, apparently.  My position's a bit odd though...
Want to know what a horse lunging at a ditch looks like? 
 It looks like this.
 Want to know what a horse who just bolted over a ditch looks like? 
It looks like this.
I think her front end is 2 feet off the ground!  Silly mare.