Wednesday, December 5, 2012


That pretty much sums up how I feel right now.  My hatred of saddle shopping + a pissed off (and sore backed) Cadence + my stupid foot = a grumpy Kate.

The Offending Parties:
Saturday I went saddle shopping, and learned a few things:
1) There is absolutely no way I'm going to be able to get a used Childeric that will fit Cadence and myself properly
2) To stick with the Childeric brand, we will basically need a fully custom saddle, as my leg exceeds the measurements of their longest most forward flap.  The tree will also have to be custom fit to cadence, with extra special widened panels.  The cost? Won't change.  The resale possibilities? Basically, none.  And if she changes again (which she will) I could be completely screwed.
3) I've been spoiled, and don't like most other brands. Brought home a Passier to try and hated it.  The seat was just so damn uncomfortable!!  Plus, it was too tight which made Cadence pissy so she threw in a few good bucks even when I switched into her usual dressage saddle (which fits perfectly, as it JUST got re-flocked to fit her back's new musculature)

So Childeric is basically out, even though I'd get an almost $600 discount if I bought a new saddle from them (a loyalty discount so to speak) making it basically the cheapest option.  I want something wool flocked, or at least flocked with something more adjustable than foam.  Amerigo looks like a good option ATM, providing I can find a way to afford them.  With the sales off my old saddle, a new Amerigo would still be another $800... which I don't know where I'd find.  Donations, anyone?

Also, my foot is not healing up the way its supposed to.  It's still too swollen to fit into anything other than my winter riding boots, which are about 3 sizes too big and wide enough that I can easily slip my foot in with 3 pairs of wool socks.  However, my broken foot just barely fits into it even with the thinnest of socks, and the laces completely off to afford maximum space in which to jam my foot.  Said foot is also still blue & green, and has only begun to yellow in the past 24 hours... which is NOT normal, as it has now been 2 weeks since I broke it.

I tried to ride with stirrups the other day, as I wanted to get an accurate feel for what the Passier was like.  Bad plan.  The combination of my horse bucking, my foot aching, and the saddle being uncomfortable made me almost as pissy as my horse!  It was a bad (and painful) enough experience that I have yet to ride again.

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  1. Aye! Sorry for all the crappy stuff you are dealing with :( Saddle shopping really is the worst! Hopefully you can find something that you love and fits your mare well!