Friday, November 23, 2012

Giving Thanks... I Think

My family always celebrates (American) Thanksgiving on the Friday.  On both parents sides, we have family in the US and Canada, so a Friday thanksgiving just makes things a little easier. This year, I flew down to visit my sister, her hubby, and their two little ones to celebrate the holiday together.  Naturally, being me, I hadn't even started packing when I awoke Thursday morning. I hurriedly threw some clothing into a suitcase, dumped in some toiletries, and attempted to get my books together, including all the ones I'd need for the trip.  I left the house (miraculously) under 5 minutes late, and arrived with plentyof time to make it to my class.  After grabbing my bag from the truck, I turned around to grab my lunch, sitting on the seat of the car, and my ankle gave out on me.  I collapsed onto the sidewalk, gripping the car door for support.  I'd landed on my left foot (left ankle rolled) and I was in some serious pain.  Hobbling into my math class, I managed to steal some ibuprofen off one friend while another found me an ice pack, so with the ice pack pressed to my foot I sat back & tried to focus on a lecture that had something to do with trig... Though I couldn't tell you what... & waited for the pain to pass.
I'd decided to not to look at my foot, but after the lecture was over my friend turned around and her eyes went wide.  She exclaimed 'oh my god, look at your foot!' when I looked down, it looked like someone had sliced a golf ball in half and shoved it under my sock.  The ibuprofen had dealt with some of the pain at this point, but I could definitely still feel it.  After a little bit of convincing, I called my dad and had him drop me off at the Urgent Care Center.  Thankfully they weren't busy, so I was in and out in under 1.5 hours.
Thankfully, neither my ankle nor my foot are broken.  My foot has, according to the doc, 'one heck of a sprain' & while I'm thrilled about that, I was kind of hoping there was nothing wrong at all.  So at this point, I'm still not allowed to even TRY to weight bear for 7 days, & after that, my orders were to wait until it stops hurting.  Simple things like showering, or say walking... are now a total PITA. I've got huge red welts in my armpits, & my good foot is extremely sore from holding all my weight.  The only advantage was skipping to the front of the security line at the airport!  So far, I'm not having much fun with this... And I'm only 1 day in.  Save me!!

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