Sunday, January 1, 2012

When it rains, it pours.

Honestly, I'd love to be able to catch a break... but that just doesn't appear to be in the cards.  Generally I'm a pretty firm believer in things like taking responsibility for your choices and actions, and not BLAMINg things on anybody.  However, I honestly don't think the whole Cadence situation (regarding her injury and subsequent month of torture and careful nursing back to semi-health) could have been handled any better.  However, when I got home from my 32 hour holiday to visit my family for New Years, Cadence was back at the equine hospital.  Thank god I have the most wonderful group of support staff (inc. our amazing barn manager, my extremely committed coach, and a group of friends that I owe my horse's life to.  Not many barn owners will drive repeatedly to and from the barn to check on a boarders horse with a slightly elevated temperature, on a HOLIDAY!  And not many friends would be so considerate as to haul your horse to the vet clinic for you [ALSO ON A HOLIDAY] in bad weather when they should be spending time with their family, organizing their wedding, or doing any number of equally important things) back home to watch over Cadence for me.  I'll give details when I'm awake.

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