Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Launa Video!

For those of you who've been reading for a while, you'll remember Launa.  For those who haven't, Launa is a 17y/o Arab mare (that was backed last winter) that I spent some time riding for her owner this past summer and fall.  Right now one of my friends is leasing her, and the other day we decided to free jump her... or rather teach her about what a jump chute is and what to do with it.  She's a little high strung (after 16 years of sitting in a field, being started under saddle and all the crazy things riding horses do can be a little overwhelming) so we took things nice n slow.  Next time (providing she remembers her 'training') mehaps we can actually do some jumping.
Note my lovely blue sweater... it's fuzzy, AND matches my fuzzy blue socks.  I know- I'm cool.

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  1. Haha!! Love her escape route at the beginning.