Thursday, January 19, 2012

Awesomeness in Mare Form

In case the title didn't clue you in, Cadence has been doing wonderfully.  Her walk is consistent, she's carrying herself, bending beautifully, and being relatively good (not rearing/bucking/galloping) about the spooky corner.  Her trot work is coming too.  She's pretty stiff, and has a tendency to get heavy & rush (aka trot like a STB) a fair bit, but overall I have my half halts (80% of the time), when I sit (which is a TON of work... her trot's pretty dang active) I'm able to use my seat and she's responding quite well to it, which unlocks some bend for us.  Last night we even got some lovely lightness.  Plus, her trot-walk transitions have been awesome!  Balanced, light, carrying, and not sticking her nose in the air... for the most part.  It's far from perfect, but considering she's trotted 3 times for a total of maybe 30 minutes all together (spooks included) I'm incredibly impressed.  Oddly enough, her right trot is much better than left... her right bend more consistent, her trot more balanced, her pace more regular.  Her trot to the left feels... crooked and her bend is a little stiffer and grabbier.  Its like I have the same mare I started with last winter... just she knows what I'm asking now.  Does that make sense?  She's sort of in the same place, but instead of 'fixing' and 'training' her at the same time, now I just have to 'fix' her.  Terrible explanation, but I hope it gets my point across.

I can tell my writing's awful.  However, I'm writing this while attempting to take in a lesson about magnetic fields & preparing for a test on thermodynamics.  So my sincere apologies for the awful quality.  I may be MIA for the next week an a half, as I have end of term exams and a couple final projects to finish up.  Sorry in advance for the absence.


  1. Your class sounds like a combination of ridiculously boring and hard. Good luck!

  2. good luck on your exams, study hard!