Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Home Again

So the verdict after the last visit (our 3rd) to the vet was that Cadence had antibiotic induced colitis.  This means that the antibiotics she'd been on for her leg had killed off some of the good bacteria in her gut, causing her to have a fever, stomach pain, reduced white count, etc.  They redid her blood work and checked her fecal before sending her home, and her white count was back up and the fecal came back clear.
It was freezing cold when we trailered her home, and we had to load on questionable surfaces.  Cadence wasn't all too thrilled about this, and was shaking like a leaf.  When we go home, she started stretching, then lay down in her stall, and was rolling around and kicking.  I don't know about you, but to me that sounds like colic.  She had pretty normal sounding gut noises (they were down a titch) but I still got her up & walked her around the arena for a while.  When she returned to her stall, she drank, ate some hay, and looked pretty good, so I kept an eye on her for another 15 minutes or so and then headed home.  When I went back to check on her yesterday evening, she looked much better.  I took her out and we walked around the arena for 10 minutes or so and walked over a cavaletti a few times.
The vet has said that she'll be able to have her stitches out some time around the 10 or 11 of Jan, and in the mean time she needs to be hand walked for 10-15 minutes 2-3x/day.  I don't know about you, but I can't make it out to the barn 3x/day... anyhow, the other thing he said is that we can do  the 10-15 minutes of walking under saddle.  While this is wonderful news, I'll admit- it makes me a wee bit nervous.  Here's why: Yesterday while I was walking Cadence, one of the lights in the arena made a bit of a noise when it came on. Cadence did a full on up in the air, scooting sideways, and pulling to the end of her lead.  Because a light popped on.  So I'm going to go about starting her back under saddle like I would backing a 3 y/o... slowly and carefully.

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