Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Quick Morning Update:

Cadence has been doing well.  My last day of classes is today, so yesterday my BO graciously lunged her for me.  Excited to see how that went.  She's been going gorgeously, and in spite of her cough that starts up every time we trot, I've actually gotten some unbelievably nice trot work out of her.  When we first trot, she's rushy and tense.  She knows she's supposed to bend, so she bends beautifully in the corners, on circles, and on serpentines.  She's not truly supple though, and if you ask for a big bend anywhere random she gets frustrated.  However, if you just give her some time to sort herself out, she gets a beautiful trot on her.  The only issue is that its pretty big... and quite forward.  Still, I think its more of an 'appropriate' trot for her.  She's not light or extremely supple, or perfectly straight but she's good.
We also had a bit of... fun the other day.  Her bandage came of Sat, so her leg was up to balloon size on Sunday.  So much so that I wanted to lunge her just to make sure everything was fine, and she wasn't sore/stiff/anything else.  Her lunge work started off quite well, aside from three little canter strides she popped in before I could stop her.  Everything was looking pretty good, so I decided to pop a few canter transitions in so I could watch her push off her leg.  We started off to the left and things looked fine, so I turned her around to ask for the right so I could get an idea of 'normal' to compare it to.  She was slightly wobbly off it, but I attribute that more to her lack of muscle/balance ATM as she had some good ones too, and her stride overall looked perfect.
So anywho, I popped her around to the right, asked for a trot, and got... insane.  She bolted, doing her cow-hop canter (where they 'canter' but its really just a hop from the hind end to the front end... if that makes sense) for a few strides before bucking, squealing, and bolting.  Full out nose to the ground all four legs up gallop... on a 20m circle.  I tried to stop her by pulling her off balance, and she just kicked out and galloped faster.  She honestly just flipped a switch, and went totally bat shit crazy.  I tried speaking calmly and quietly, I tried shouting jumping up and down and waving my arms, I tried letting her 'go' (as a last resort) and I tried yanking her off balance.  She practically dragged me around that arena, and I may be small but I have a decent set of muscles when I need them.  She was so insane that she actually fall onto her LH hip 3 times, (once because I yanked her so hard in a wild attempt to get her to stop) which led to her hopping back up, squealing, kicking, and running harder.  
I have no idea what finally made her stop. It felt like it went on for hours, but in reality her little trip to cukoo land probably only lasted about 5 minutes. Either way, I was even more convinced she'd be lame after that little escapade.  She wasn't though, thank god, and everything looked good; not even any tenderness.  
I've never seen a horse loose it like she did though... it was like all the excess energy she'd been holding inside her from her month and a bit of stall rest snapped- she just broke and had to let it all out.  Just so long as she didn't hurt herself, I'd rather that happened with me there, in the arena, and while I wasn't on her back.  Things could have turned out a lot worse.


  1. Sounds like Nina after standing around too long. I have had geldings get too high after too many days off, but never like this mare. Sounds like you have a cousin.

  2. Oh Cadence!! Silly mare! :-p

    There is an award for you on my blog! http://standardbredexcellence.blogspot.com/