Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Self- Carriage

I lied- I didn't post the pictures.  I didn't even have a chance to upload them till this morning, so I figured I'd just post them with today's post.
 Cadence looking toward the forest raring to go

Anyhow, Cadence got her stitches out yesterday.  The vet said her leg was looking great, so over the next 2 weeks we'll be gradually increasing her work while letting the top part of the wound heal.  Our ride yesterday was awesome too.  20 min (5 in hand, 15 under saddle) of walk, with lots of focus on straightness, suppleness, and self-carriage. She was truly carrying herself, and I was able to correct her when she started to lean on me (which was always on a turn) by lifting her with my outside aids.  I was very pleased.  Her halts on the other hand... need some work.  She locks up her neck, leans, barges, and grabs.  Eventually, once I get some semblance of lightness and bend, we continue on.  Once she was supple and carrying herself, her halts improved (or rather her transitions into the halt improved) but once halted we were back to square 1.  Tonight is more of the same, but with 20 minutes under saddle and 5 of hand walking.

 After my dismount... she wouldn't stand still for the pic
 Gahh, look at the lack of muscle.
(it's not as bad as it looks.. her body's angled slightly towards me & her neck is angled away.  Not a flattering position)
 Stealing grass
Through the ears of The Mare


  1. Glad to hear she is making good progress. So (hopefully) just a little time out. :-)