Friday, December 10, 2010

Sick :(

So I've had the joy of spending the past two days with the flu.  Oh how I love flu season.  All in all, I managed to only miss 1 day of classes instead of two.  I made it to my morning classes yesterday, and my afternoon classes today.  Unfortunately, I haven't made it to the barn.  I've decided that tomorrow, I'm going out to see Arty if it kills me.  I haven't seen him all week, and I need to see how his feet are healing.  My coach is away on vacation, so I didn't pick a bad week to be sick.  She'll be back Sunday, so I'll be able to have another lesson next weekend.  Something to look foreword to once I'm not confined to a bed.
Just as a note:  I love this picture, because Arty looks so happy.  He truly loves to jump.  Anyhow, this picture taught me something really important.  A friend of mine commented on my position, and how I was in front of the saddle when I jumped.  I looked closer, and while my position wasn't perfect my alignment was correct.  I was stumped, so I asked another person for their opinion.  They pointed out that Arty's saddle was slipping back (notice how it curves).  Her suggestion was to get a breastplate, and since then the problem has been solved!  The power of a second opinion (and a more experienced eye)

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