Sunday, December 19, 2010

Poor Bales

So when I went for my ride on Wednesday, Bailey was very heavy on his forehand, an threw a NASTY buck when we cantered.... hmmm.  Very un-Bailey like.  Bailey's owner had her lesson the next day, and after reading my little note about this to her, she had our coach look at him, and it turns out he had a really ouchy spot on his back that the both of us had missed.  Poor boy!  Bailey's mom thinks he slipped in the field or something and pulled it.  Oh the joys of Canadian winters.

Speaking of the joys of Canadian winters, Arty and I went out on a trail ride with Cara the ex-racehorse who doesn't realize she's an ex-racehorse and her... (in cara's opinion, failure of a jockey) Megan.  Megan's goal in life is to have a mare calm enough to do some local jumper and dressage shows.  Cara's goal in life is to teach Megan how to be a better jockey.  Cara is the epitome of a raehorse.  She goes for a run ever morning and night when put out with the herd, she watches her weight (much to Megan's chagrin) and only hangs with the two other TB's.   She's been off the track for almost 8 years, but it doesn't show.  Thankfully, Cara and Arty have, after many painful, frightening, stressful, and unenjoyable trail rides, become the best trail-buddies anyone could ask for.  We can walk on a relatively loose rein with their heads down lower than their withers!  This was unthinkable even for arena riding not too long ago, and especially on the trails, and recently the two of them have gotten good enough that we can trot one behind the other for a little (like 5 strides) and then come back to walk without spending 20 minutes yanking, sobbing, and throwing temper tantrums.  Arty even let Cara lead for a bit without bolting to the front.  Good thing to, because my fingers, legs, and half my face had lost sensation.  Oh how I hate winter.  I've never had so much of my face go numb.  It feels like going to the dentist.  Yeulch!
Probably my favourite Cara picture.  Everything is just so... Cara-esque