Friday, December 3, 2010


I'm incredibly sore tonight, and its only going to get worse.  On Thursday night, I had yoga.  I'd missed the past 2 classes, and apparently it had been agreed upon that we'd have a medium-spicy session on Thursday.  I'm generally the person that asks to do a mild session.... so by the end of it my core was killing me!  The area right below where your ribs meet (I think its the end of the sternum...) was on fire.  However, I did get a bit of a kick out of the session, because the yoga teacher kept saying 'just one more!' when everyone was dying, and that's something my coach is renowned for.  I got another full dose of 'just one more's tonight.  Bailey was really resistant and stiff to the right.  Totally supple to the left, but we worked through it.  We also practiced training test 1.  I hate how something so simple to read can be so hard to exact!  well... i suppose its easy enough to do, its just hard to do well.  Mehh, evil dressage people.  Give me a break, higher dressage powers!  Actually, that's exactly what's about to happen as tomorrow's our long awaited jumping lesson (I hope).  I swear I'll get on those videos... eventually.

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