Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh the Weather Outside Is Frightful

August 2010
Oh the Weather Outside Is Frightful, but the barn is so delightful.  I braved the toe-eating cold tonight to head out and enjoy the fresh snow with my fuzzy polar bear of a pony.  Arty was amazing, and I think I was especially aware of this as I'd spent the afternoon thinking about how far we'd come.  I was remembering the mad dashes of pacer-ish trot (and walk, and canter) that I endured for the sake of letting off of his face for a stride or two, so that he would learn to listen to half-halts.  Barely more than a year ago I bragged to a friend of mine who'd come out to see him that we could now stay in a brisk, but not insane trot with a half halt every 2-5 strides!  Today, Arty was trotting slowly/calmly around like a schooling pony on a loose rein, neck level with his back, turning off of my leg, in a bit.  Admittedly this is pretty good for Arty, especially when he's had a week off, but its still amazing how much can happen in a year.
August 2011
When we're finally tacked up right
How I hate going out in the cold
But if I hold on really tight
My fingers atleast can stay warm

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